Product Information
1. What's
A: is a parking program to help you park your domains freely and earn your revenue from traffic monetization. launches the optimized PPC pages with recognized keywords and targeted advertisements for your parked domains, which can convince of your substantial revenue while visitors click on the ads.
2. How does work?
A: focuses on type-in traffic to afford your parked domains relevant ad feeds. After you point your domains to, our advanced SEO technology will automatically allocate your domains to the related keywords, templates and categories, and in some seconds, the contents will appear on your landing pages. You will be paid each time the visitor clicks on the ads displayed on your parked domains. Furthermore, our professional SEO team is always available for your websites promotion as per your request.
3. Is there any cost if I park with
A: You will cost nothing with but with revenue on your traffic monetization. Sign up with us is completely free of charge and timesaving, you can open your account through this link
4. What features does offer?
A: offers you a brand range of desired features to guarantee your parking business, which includes automated optimization, customized templates, diversified landing pages, IDN support, for sale signs, managed accounting, quick payout, live support and much more.

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5. How long does my account approval take?
A: We will let you know by e-mail whether your account is approved or not within one business day after your submission to
6. Will my account be valid forever?
A: Your account will be valid forever as long as your domain traffic is assured for substantial without cheating. Normally, an account will be blocked due to inactivity within 30 days.
7. How do I add domains?
A: Click on the Domain Management link in the top menu and then click on Add Domains at the submenu. On the first step, you can choose a portfolio or create a new one for your future domain management. Then you come to the next screen by click Next, there you can add your domains either by entering them one by one or by uploading a .txt file if you wish to add more than 50 domains at one time.
8. How many domains do I need to join
A: support and appreciate an unlimited amount of parked domains, but with more are preferable.
9. How do I park my domains at (DNS Settings)
You can point your domains to by switching your DNS settings to ours as below indicated, and then your updated domains will be automatically resolved by our DNS.
10. Why is my domain in someone else's account when I add my domains?
A: This can happen for several reasons. has thousands of clients and has several million domains in our database, so occasionally, domains which are listed in old accounts and not change their owners and are therefore still listed in our system. This can also happen when you buy a domain name from someone, or someone simply entered your domain into our system. When this happens, you can contact us directly for resolving this conflict. will dedicatedly investigate the ownership of the domain name, and then promptly smooth this situation.
11. How does referral program work in
A: Our referral program ensures you a bonus up to 10% of the net earnings of any outside publishers that you refer. You just need to copy a referral code that generated from our system, and then send it to your referrals. Once they are approved by us, you can start to get your bonus from If you are one of the referrals, just paste the referral code that you receive from your recommender while signing up with us.

  Payment Questions
12. How much can I earn?
A: has the upstream partners to work with for our landing pages. We ensure you get the profits for all your parked domains. Moreover, our integrated DNS service and further enhanced reporting capabilities can assist you soar your revenue.
13. When do I get paid?
A: ensures the quick payout cycle on a net 15 basis, we keep you all the account-billing end on the last day of the month. At most 15 working days into the next month, we finish all the payment to your account upon your indicated payment account.
14. What payment options do I have?
A: currently only supports payment via PayPal.
15. What is the minimum payout?
A:'s minimum payout is $50 for each payout. If we find less than $50 in your account at the end of the month, will transfer this payment to the next month until your account revenue meet our minimum payout.

  Websites Related Information
16. Can you help me sell my domain names?
A: Yes, we can. provide a For Sale sign for the parked domain. When you set a domain for sale through our control panel, the default destination for the "for sale" flag will be displayed on the landing page of your domains for sale. Visitors use a form to submit their contact information or inquiry to you, then the interested purchaser can contact you, the domain owner, directly via email.
17. Do you offer help with Setup?
A: Yes, we do. support and offer any free setup for all your accounts and approved domains.

  Support Information
18. What do I contact for support?
A: can be contacted anytime if you have support related questions, we will assist you at the first time with our state-of-the-art services. You can get answers to common questions in our FAQ, submit your questions or needs by clicking Contact Us, or get help through our Help Center after you login.
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