Monetization Solution
1. What is is a domain name parking program afforded by,Inc., which is an online advertisement provider in Asia. We help you park your domains and achieve your revenue completely.
The Chinese traffic holds a huge potential, but most of domain name parking providers do not support Chinese traffic. is a Chinese traffic supporter with our sophisticated advertisement cooperators. Join us today, earn your revenue from Chinese market.
2. Join
a) Sign up your approval with
b) Point your domains to our accessed system
c) Pair with our optimized template and keyword selection
d) Receive your highest profit from
3. Highest Profits makes it possible for you to earn the highest profits from your parked domain names, and we can provide the fast payout: NET 15.
4. Comprehensive Statistic Analysis is committed to helping you further understand all the details of your each parked domain name. We provide you the following statistics analysis:
a) Traffic
b) Search
c) Clicks
d) Revenue from Domestic Traffic
e) Revenue from International Traffic
5. Why
 Completely achieve your success
 Support traffic both domestically and internationally
 Multiple the opportunities for your domain sales
 Quick payout cycle on a net 15 basis
 Advanced reports capability
 One-up optimization caters to all the potential keywords
 Value-added analysis for your reference
 Customized templates
 Diversified landing pages
 Managed accounting
 Live support at your service anytime
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